Carpentry tool

Joiner-plumbing tool from the manufacturer in the online store Motor Agro.

ᐉ Joiner-plumbing tool from Motor Agro

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грн грн

Length handle, mm

Producing country

Key dimensions

Disk thickness, mm

The size

Type of sponge

Power, W

Blade Length, mm

The number of teeth inch

Total length, mm

Noise level, dB

The diameter of the clamping hole, mm

Cross-section area,

Network Cord Length, M

Screwdriver length, mm

Carving internal

Head size, mm

Magnetic holder

Sawing angle, °С

Number, units.

Number of teeth, tooth/inch

Battery life, h

Clamping force, kgf

Dimensions, mm.

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Cross-section of tips,

Length of the canvas, m

Type of nozzles

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power, kWt

Length, mm.

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License thickness, mm

Number of pockets

Number of teeth, pcs


Type of hammer

Width of the canvas, mm

Maximum length cutting tiles, mm

Quantity in the set, units.

Patty handle

Voltage, B.

Receiver volume, l

Type of nozzle, mm

Length, M.

Capture width, mm


Dish size

Working pressure, atm

Corps material

Length in folded form, mm

Handle coating


Rockwell`s hardness, HRC

Warranty, month

Volume of fuel tank, ml

Blade material

Hex Length, mm

Performance, l/min

Hose diameter, mm

Type of nozzle

Platform width, mm

Height, mm.

Gathering size

Rokvella`s hardness

Material of manufacture

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Overall dimensions, mm

Supply voltage, in

The diameter of the planting hole, mm

Maximum effort, H/cm



Width, mm.

Level length, see

The presence of reverse

Maximum distance between sponges, mm

Performance, g/min.

Rod thickness, mm

The number of units in the set, units.

Number of steps, units.

Type of tick

Power consumption, W

Form of Raspille in the set

The diameter of the base, mm

Length of the tape, see

Head Length, mm

Material handles

Profile thickness, mm

Number of units in the set, pcs

Hose length, m


Direction of cut

Heads, mm.

Pipe diameter, mm

Maximum width of the capture, mm

DC output voltage, in

Weight, kg