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Parts engine KAMAZ-740 for KAMAZ

On KAMAZ-740 are set to 8 cylinder, V-shaped, four-stroke diesel engines with cooling liquid.

Structural especially KAMAZ-740

740 motor has some advantages such as small overall dimensions and a reduced weight with respect YaMZ-238, as well as a higher rotational speed of the crankshaft. The cylinders are arranged in two rows at right camber angle, making it possible to reduce the size. A front cylinder block disposed coaxially with the crankshaft hydraulic fan drive clutch. Right mounted centrifugal oil filter cleaning, two thin oil filter, the oil filler to probe for monitoring the oil level in the sump. Bottom left cylinder is an electric starter. Outside fixed discharge pipes, and inside - the inlet ducts with the outlet pipe. On top of the inlet pipe is fixed two fuel fine filter. The front of the drainage pipes of the cooling system are thermostats.

KAMAZ engine 740 includes a crank mechanism, the gas distribution mechanism, lubrication systems, cooling, heating, fuel supply and air exhaust output. In it there is a space in the collapse of the cylinders used for installing the camshaft, the drive valve, pump, pump GUR, a compressor for supplying compressed air to the brake system.

in the exhaust pipe of a diesel engine Kamaz-740 mounted movable flap that give possibility to block the air outlet of the cylinder when the automatic disabling fuel supply. This auxiliary brake design makes it possible to use engine compression braking for downhill. The auxiliary brake system significantly reduces the load on the brake mechanisms of the vehicle, thereby increasing their service life. TO is facilitated due to the use a closed cooling system.

High startability 740 of a diesel engine during low temperatures provided by the use of a powerful starter battery of high capacity, low viscosity engine oils and the starting heater.

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