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The clutch is necessary to turn off the engine for a short period of time from the transmission during the beginning of the movement up and acceleration, as well as the prevention of transmission from the inertial accelerations of the rotation of the car flywheel masses. It includes gear and clutch. KAMAZ-4350, -5350, -53501, -53504, -6350 and -6450 give adhesion to a disc aperture, fume types.

coupling assembly model 17

Feature 2 -x diaphragm disk clutch model 17 is the presence of a device which does not require adjusting during operation for automatically mounting the drive disk medium in a middle position when the clutch is disconnected, a certain form of the housing, which provides fixation of the pressing diaphragm spring.

Pressure drive plate through the connecting plates 4 package is attached to the clutch cover. Average drive plate also mounted on the flywheel. They give torque to the friction surface of driven disks which are arranged hub splined mainshaft CAT or divider. Clutch housing through the lantern ring is placed on the flywheel via 2 pins and secured by means of bolts 8. Between the housing and the pressure plate is a central push the diaphragm spring, which is acting on the driven wheels clamps between them and the pressure medium leading disk and a flywheel. Middle driving disc 4 comprises a stroke limiter, that connecting plates with packets disc form disc holding mechanism in the middle position when the clutch is turned off. off device includes 16 of diaphragm blades and the clutch off together with the bearing situated on the lid of the primary shaft bearings CAT or divider and off fork situated on a shaft in gearbox housing (divider).

The clutch mechanism of models 14 and 142

A feature can be called the presence of the device, which is not in need of regulation during operation for automatic mounting medium drive plate to the middle position just off the clutch; heat-resistant plate clutch disc with a long life, a certain form of housing, providing the fixing pressure springs.

Leading the pressure and the middle disc pressure and the average, contain the outside by 4 stud, which are included in special slots on the flywheel and give torque moment on the driven disc friction surface with the friction linings which are arranged hub splined mainshaft CAT. clutch cover costs on the flywheel using the plugs and fixed 10th M10 bolts and 2 M8. Between the housing and the pressure plate are compression springs, E-Cat driven wheels are clamped between the pressure and medium master. disks to the flywheel. Average drive plate is provided with a lever mechanism, which automatically puts the drive in the middle position during a power coupling. deenergizing apparatus includes the release lever with the thrust ring, sleeve off the clutch bearings fixed to the bearing cover primary shaft gearbox, and clutch fork off. And in August 2001, the mechanism of automatic installation disk medium to longer installed on new cars. Model 142 is different from the model 14, the presence of the double power of springs and spring damper on the slave drive.

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