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On the KamAZ set two PPC model. For a single - box with 5 steps model 14; on the tractor designed for interaction in the combination vehicle - a box with 10 stages of model 15 which includes a top box with 5 stages 2 and the front-stage reducer-divider. Transmission divider includes higher and lower (it is straight) transfer and in relation to the basic CPR involves obtaining the 10 forward gears and two reverse.

Using divider gears improves traction and economic properties, improves manageability because in the case of its application decreases the frequency change gear shift lever. On upgraded samples heavy duty set Transmission Model 152

CPT 152 Differences from CPT 15:.

  • reinforced splines mainshaft splitter, a carriage, and synchronizer sleeve via increased height teeth
  • removed 2 overhead wire, strip fixing overhead wires through the use of plastic ducting from the divisor control faucet
  • used besshponochnye compound gear and the intermediate shaft by increasing the tension
  • removed locking device in the splined connection carriage 4-5 gear synchronizer - CPT secondary shaft (in order to prolong the durability of the bond)
  • to avoid shut-4 and transmission 5 is applied to 4 degrees at reducing fineness synchronizer clutch teeth carriage 4-5 gear (instead of 1.5 degree), the height of the teeth coupling

PPC models, respectively, the input shaft clutch teeth and gear wheels of 4th transfer and increased 14 includes a housing, a leading, WEDO and my average shafts in assembly with gears, synchronizers and bearings; block reverse gears; an upper lid box with a device switch gear assembly. On the front end of the transaxle housing hang clutch housing.

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