Steering and brakes KAMAZ

Spare steering and brakes KAMAZ

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Parts steering and brakes for KAMAZ

Steering KAMAZ provided Gur, which is combined in one unit with the steering mechanism, the control valve Gur and angular reducer

  • column RU with a steering wheel
  • steering propeller shaft
  • Power steering pump complete with hydraulic tank
  • cooler
  • piping E and ND.
  • thrust steering gear.

GUR reduces the force required to rotate the steering wheel of the front wheels, softens blows pothole, increases the safety of movement, the thus allows to keep control over the direction of movement during breaks tires of the front wheels.

The steering column bracket is secured on top of the inner panel of the cab and below the flange in the floor booths and Port. with power steering using the propeller shaft. column shaft rotates in 2 ball bearing.

Cardan steering shaft

Cardan column with 2 pivots on needle bearings. Sliding splined steering shaft enables to change the distance between the hinges in the case of tipping the cab and it is necessary to compensate for inaccuracies during cab mounted on the chassis RC column with a steering mechanism, as well as their vzaimocmescheny. Plugs steering shaft cardan fixed on the column shaft and the shaft of the pinion bevel gear by means of wedges which are tightened with nuts with locking pins.

Reducer corner RU Kamaz

C 2 bevel gears with helical teeth gives the rotation of the universal joint on the steering propeller. Pinion bevel gear is made with the shaft and is put into the body by ball bearings. Ball bearings are pressed into the shaft and gears are fixed against axial displacement by a nut.

steering mechanism Kamaz

on the front bracket Attach the front left spring. The bracket is fixed to the frame. Carter Kamaz steering mechanism, wherein moving the piston rail serves both working cylinder GUR. A piston-rack engages with a toothed sector shaft bipod. Val steering pitman arm rotates in the sleeve is pressed into the steering housing and the aluminum end cap. On parts of the steering propeller that is located in the cavity of the angular gear housing has slots in which the screw enters into engagement with the driven gear angle drive. Gur control valve is fixed to the housing of the angular gear and a bolt 4 or 5 pins. The displacement is characterized by a depth of recesses on the end face of the valve body and is limited by large rings bearings which abut against the ends of said recesses.

In each of 3 through holes housing the steering mechanism Kamaz valve inserted on two reactive plunger with centering springs between them. In one plunger disposed in the blind bores, is embedded a ball check valve, comp. failure of steering hydraulic line E and ND and provides the opportunity to exercise, I avtomobilem.V this case, the RU acts as a conventional mechanical system without amplification.

In the body of the steering valve is also will protect. valve, Conn. the discharge line and drain during the pressure with-me, protects the pump from overheating, and the details of the mechanism of excessive loads. Cavity under the front cover and in the angular steering gearbox, Conn. openings in the housing with the drain line and the control valve are sealed at the ends of rings.

in the steering housing has a drain tube with a magnet and a bypass valve. From the pump are hose and tubing to the valve body E Control and ND .. By the first oil is sent to the mechanism, and

Steering actuator comprises second returns to the hydraulic tank:. draglink which serves to connect the steering pitman arm to the upper arm left knuckle is tselnokovannoy workpiece with non-regulatory hinges comprising ball pin, the upper and lower shells, a spring and threads. cover. Track rod steering linkage is tubular with screwed on the threaded end of the probe with the ball joints. Change your position on the steering rod tip, can be practiced by adjusting the convergence of the steered wheels. Joints Tie Rod unregulated include ball pin, the upper and lower liners, spring and cover attached to the tip of the rod.

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